Abe Rostom

I'm a


An engineer with a passion for automation.

Mechanical Engineer & Software Programmer.

I have experience in a labratory doing research and have spent time in a manufacturing environment. I continuously learn and improve my engineering skills outside of work daily. I am an electronics hobbyist and enjoy creating projects that challenge me and allow me to learn and keep up with the industry.

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Email: aberostom@gmail.com


SolidWorks, AutoCAD, DraftCAD, Inventor 3D, Fusion 360; Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook; C# Programming Language - Windows Forms, Python Programming Language, C++ Programming Language (Microcontroller – Arduino), Oracle Database, Structured Query language - SQL


PDF Resume available upon request.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

December 2014

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL

During my junior and senior years of college, I joined a research lab, Nanomaterials and Energy Systems Lab, to work with graduate students on converting exhaust into reusable energy.


CAD Design (SolidWorks), Manufacturing Process Principles, Machine Design, Statics/Strength of Materials, Dynamics of Machinery, Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Vibrations, Electrical Circuit Analysis. Online courses: Python Programming and C# Programming Languages


Control Motor Speed Using an Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino:

  • Using an ultrasonic sensor for proximity, as you approach the sensor, the stepper motor slows down and as you distance yourself from the sensor, the stepper motor speeds up. Arduino microcontroller is used and a A4988 Motor driver is used for the motor. This project required Arduino C++.

Control Motor Position From a Computer Using C#:

  • C# was used to create a HMI desktop form. The HMI communicates with the Arduino via Serial and Ethernet. The Arduino reads the serial input from the computer and directs the motor. This project required C# and Arduino C++.

Restaurant List That is Currently Open and Within a Certain Distance - Python:

  • User enters their address and the top twenty restaurants that is currently open and within a certain distance will be listed out. Using Google Cloud API, data is obtained via a JSON file and then the data needed is pulled out and listed. This project required Python.

Game Login – Python, SQL:

  • Created a text-based simulation program in Python of a game player selection, similar to a video game. If a profile does not exist, the user must create a profile for the game. The profile then gets saved into an Excel database via SQL. When a profile(s) exists, the program, via SQL loads the different game files available for the user to choose.

Notes Program – C#, SQL:

  • Using C# forms, created a desktop program with a scroll bar that lists the note names and when a name is selected, the panel displays the full note. A category is also included to help filter the notes. Filtering, loading the notes, adding a new note and editing an existing note is all done through SQL. Data is saved to an Access database and the full notes are saved to a txt file.

Professional Experience

Application Engineer

Jan 2018 - Present

Weber Packaging Solutions, Arlington Heights, IL

  • Create quotes for customers that include in-house equipment and vendor equipment.
  • Visit customer sits with sales (locally and nationally) to meet the customer and gather information for a proper quote.
  • Tasks to compile a quote include creating 3D models, layout drawings, calculations and experiments in a lab.
  • When an order is received, reviewed all equipment sold and confirm if or not the system willl be successful.
  • Log the order into the database, select machine configurations and assign target dates based on manufacturing schedule..
  • Manage the order from order entry until it has shipped and also assist Service Technicians with installing of the equipment.
  • Participate in Factory Acceptance Tests on site and at vendor or cuystomer sites.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Aug 2015 - Jan 2017

Transco Products Inc, Chicago, IL

  • Worked on a team of engineers to design thermal insulation for piping and equipment of nuclear power plants, domestic and international, using Solidworks.
  • Utilized 3D scan inputs customer inputs and P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams) to design the piping “Core Model” of the power plant layouts.
  • Created the Layout Drawing of the piping system which also included the order of installation
  • Converted solid models into individual sheet metal parts, then ensured these parts could be built by manufacturing personnel.